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Our mission and ethics policies

Since 1999, we have encouraged webmasters to strive for excellence by honoring the world's best websites, which combine quality content, superb design, flawless functionality, independent thinking and creative personality. Is your website eligible for the most select award on the Internet?

Websites must meet basic eligibility requirements to qualify for review by our judges. Websites meeting the basic eligibility requirements must meet the standards set forth on the evaluation criteria page to be qualified for an Ultraweb Award.

Websites are evaluated within six (6) weeks of the application date. With the exception of informing the public of our winning websites, we do not divulge any information about any applicant to persons, groups, or agencies not directly connected to the Ultraweb Awards.

Important Notes: 1) If your site wins, it will be listed on within 6 weeks from the date of your application. 2) If you do not receive the Ultraweb Award this time or if you win the award and you would like to apply for an upgrade, you are welcome to reapply one year after the date you submitted your application. 3) Websites that are redesigned after winning the Ultraweb award are removed from the winners' list, but may be submitted for a new review.




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