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Congratulations to the superb winners!  

Congratulations to the winners!

Here are some of the outstanding websites that have won the Level 3 Award.
To view all of the Level 3 winners, visit the archive.

Website for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.  
Chipotle's oversized burritos are filled with naturally raised, hormone free, organic ingredients.  
Website of the amazing Cajungrass band - The Moonshine Playboys.  
The Moonshine Playboys
Web site celebrating fifty years of the music of Johnny Cash.  
Johhny Cash
Visit the website for Medical Mutual, a pioneer for the concept of prepaid healthcare insurance.  
Medical Mutual

Well organized website that contributes to building a peaceful and better world through sports.

The Olympic Movement
Official Web site for musician, composer, and artist, Bob Schneider.
Bob Schneider Music
Explore the complex African-American experience of segregation from the 1870s through the 1950s.  
The History of Jim Crow
Bartleby is the preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse.
Website for the original celebrated curiously strong peppermints (Altoids), a product of Callard & Bowser.  
From tales of perfectionist engineers and racetrack testing to designers' inspiration, The Lexus story, is a compelling read.  
Lexus luxury automobiles
FOX network online, with show and schedule information, audio and video from Fox series, news, sports, movies, and more.  
The Ir David Foundation, is dedicated to the preservation and development of the Biblical City of David and its environs.  
City of David
PBS Kids: Nurture your child's creative thinking skills with engaging games and activities and free preK-12 resources.  
PBS Kids
























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