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Congratulations to the superb winners!  

Congratulations to the winners!

We are pleased to present our highest award to the following superb websites.

Research on the Armenian Genocide has experienced a remarkable growth in recent years. "Twenty Voices" provides a wealth of survivors' memoirs, editions of diplomatic documents, eyewitness accounts by missionaries and others, case studies, and monographic research on various aspects of the Genocide provide informed insights into the nature of the crime.

  Twenty Voices - Website dedicated to the Armenian Genocide
The Website for Turner Classic Movies features classic movie information and news, the complete James Bond encyclopedia, in-depth special features each month (like the Black Experience in Cinema during Black History Month), trivia challenges, multimedia experiences, television scheduling and much more to keep you coming back to learn and have fun every day.   Turner Classic Movies
The Mesoamerican Ballgame supports a traveling museum exhibition and expands the knowledge of those who visit the museum. It's a fun, educational site using activities, QuickTime VR, music, and more to teach history and social studies through art. It is fun and educational for the whole family. Outstanding!   The Mesoamerican Ballgame
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park's website is a perfect example of sensible and professional use of Flash. The site also is an informative and entertaining educational resource. Each page is spaced properly, easy to read, and professional in quality. We are certain that you will enjoy the innovative features at this world class site.   The Jerusalem Archaeological Park
Select Italy is a travel company that is a unique source for all things Italian. Select Italy was created out of the desire to offer a specialized, custom oriented travel service with the ability to produce state-of-the-art tours, itineraries and activities. Through a vast network of suppliers and cultural contacts, Select Italy has quickly established itself as a fast-growing operator in the industry.   Select Italy

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